Designed to fit a new
way of working

7 floors of offices, featuring column-free,
highly divisible floorplates of 4,600 sqm
leading onto generous exterior terraces.

Sunshine inside and out.

Floors lead out onto spacious
outdoor terraces.

Work-friendly café.

The cafeteria and co-working space flow
seamlessly into the back garden and the
Skylight Plaza.

The vibrant heart of Skylight.

Meet, greet, socialise on the
Skylight plaza steps.

At the vanguard of a
new era of working.

Over 2,500 sqm of beautiful back garden with communal
seating areas, cafés, work pods and terraces all with high
speed wifi, perfect for showcase events, working in the
fresh air, exercise or a moment of relaxation.

Lively and green decked terraces and
seating areas ideal for meetings and
hosting corporate events.

Schedule of areas

Floor Plans

Services to impress.

Reception with concierge. Community manager. Semi-enclosed gym and athletic facilities. Café/Co-working space.
Exterior work pods. Fully equipped showers and
changing rooms.
380 sqm indoor bicycle parking
with 160 spaces.
Underground parking with 389 spaces for cars (including car-sharing and electric car spaces).